Hard Water Stain Removal Services Boise & Meridian Idaho

Hard water stain removal in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell Idaho

Hard water is a common problem in Boise, Idaho. It doesn’t take long for your windows and doors to show signs of spotting and damage. Even after the water has dried, the minerals found in hard water remain active. If not promptly removed, hard water spots can permanently etch glass leaving windows and doors unsightly, dull, spotted, dingy, and difficult to clean.

We can perform hard water stain removal on glass surfaces with even the most difficult hard water stains. Our hard water stain removal services can save hundreds of dollars per window for each piece of glass when compared to glass replacement costs. Our processes for hard water stain removal are cost effective and efficient, and can be completed on any piece of glass.

We start cleaning the window by applying an environmentally friendly chemical to your window.  We then use steel wool pad to clean the window.  This is a very labor-intensive process that can take several attempts to remove the stain.  On average, hard water stain removal in Boise, Idaho takes about 30 minutes to one hour per window.  This takes much longer than a traditional window cleaning that can be accomplished in less than a minute with some skill.  This is why the price of cleaning a hard water stained window is higher than a regular cleaning.

Some ways to prevent hard water stains from returning are to make sure your lawn sprinklers are not spraying water on your windows.  This is a common reason for hard water stains here in Boise & Meridian Idaho.

We are experts at hard water stain removal and glass stain removal cleaning services. We have hundreds of products at our disposal to eliminate the stains on your glass. Call today for a free glass stain removal quote!

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