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window cleaning Boise IdahoEnjoy complete residential window cleaning service for your home. Whether you have a million dollar view or not, clean windows are a part of home maintenance.  Who doesn’t enjoy sparkling clean windows? It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Without the proper knowledge, equipment, and technique, smears and streaks are hard to avoid.  In addition, when ladder work is called for, safety also plays a part. I have the patience and knowledge to get the job done right and leave your windows sparkling clean inside and out.

While it may seem like a relatively simple task, window washing can be a dangerous and time consuming chore for home owners.


The following is a complete overview of how we clean your windows every time:

I begin by cleaning the inside of the windows. This is done using a special window cleaning soap and a micro fiber strip washer. The solution I use is excellent at making your windows shine, and it also protects it from harsher elements.
When cleaning from the inside, I wipe down the window sills and window tracks.
After I have thoroughly made the window wet again with my soap and strip washer, I squeeze the water off. Next, I detail around the edges where some water collects. I do this using a lint free towel.
I always wear shoe covers when entering your home to prevent any dirt from entering.
I then remove all the screens.
Once the cleaning for the inside windows are done, I move my operation to the outside and go through the same process again.
I use a custom screen washer to clean both the sides of your screens and set them aside to dry.
Next, I use a scraper to get off sap, paint over-spray, bug marks, etc. Once that’s done, I put the clean and dry screens back in their place.
My final step includes walking around your home to double-check the windows and screens and to put all the furniture back in its place.

Window cleaning Boise Idaho

Window Cleaning Idaho

I’m very proud of the quality of cleaning I offer to all my customers. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with all my work. Any finger pointers, streaks, smears or smudges will be taken care of immediately. Also for your total peace of mind – Star Brite Window Cleaning is fully insured, so nothing to worry about in that regard.  

So, if you’d like to get a fast zip-zap cleaning for your windows, the services of Star Brite Window Cleaning will not meet your requirements. But if you would like a window cleaning that you’ll be totally satisfied with – the service you would want to talk about with your friends and neighbors, then please contact me. I usually stay fully booked, so calling in early will help.

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