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pressure washing Boise IdahoIs your home in need of a facelift? Is the siding growing algae or mildew? Has a buildup of dust and road salt left your house looking dingy and in need of a paint job? Don’t despair! The experts at Infinity Cleaning can bring back luster to your home. Our safe, low pressure house washing methods will remove the dust, grime, and algae from the siding of your house.Low pressure, high volume house washing

4 Questions to ask before hiring a pressure washing professional:

1. Will they be using high or low pressure methods?

2. Are they insured for the work they will be performing, with a policy that does not include a “Care, Custody, and Control” clause?

3. What chemicals will they be using, and in what concentrations?

4. Do they provide a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

And the 4 answers you’ll want to listen for:

1. High pressure methods should never be used on any part of your home. Pressure washers generate thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure with the standard tips. This kind of pressure is sure to cause damage to your siding, roof, decks, or any other sensitive surfaces. The only exception is for certain concrete surfaces, but caution still needs to be used to avoid leaving permanent marks.

2. Star Brite Window Cleaning is insured up to $1 Million for Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Power Washing by Auto owners. Our policy does not have a “care, custody, and control” clause. This type of clause is common in many general liability policies for pressure washing contractors, and it basically stipulates that the insurance company will not cover damage to property that the contractor is actually working on. So if you were to hire someone with this type of clause in their policy, their insurance wouldn’t cover important things like water or siding damage.

3. We use diluted Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) along with a professional house wash mix for most of the homes we clean. SH, also known as Chlorine Bleach, is the most effective method of removing stains, as well as killing mold, mildew, and algae. We use a low concentration that is diluted to 1%  by the time it reaches the siding. Additionally, the house wash mix that we use enhances the effectiveness of the SH, and provides better cling, or “hang time”, allowing us to use as little chemical as possible. Beware of any contractors touting “chemical free” cleaning. Without the use of the proper chemicals, they will be relying on high pressure methods to remove the grime from your home. In addition to the high risk of damage, “chemical free” really means they will be performing a surface cleaning, essentially blasting off the surface dirt and algae. The underlying organisms will be left alive, and your siding will soon be covered in the same unattractive scum.

4. Star Brite Window Cleaning offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our services. We make every effort to address concerns and ensure that the service we are providing measures up to our customers’ expectations. We will happily re-clean any areas of concern, but if for any reason the results are still unsatisfactory, we will refund the invoice amount in full.

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